The wedding that broke my blogging silence

I can't even handle this.

These photos are 

Liz has been a dear friend of mine since 3rd grade, and it absolutely breaks my heart that I couldn't see this in person--blast you, LA! But this girl has always been a total knockout, and seeing her as a stunning bride absolutely took my breath away. Not to mention her handsome man, gorgeous bridesmaids, incredible decor details, and the love gushing from their eyeballs. But enough yabber--look for yourself!

And good gravy, if you are getting married in Oregon, book Erich McVey as your photographer already!

A few faves (as if I could choose...)

{ incredible photography by Erich McVey;
Liz's hair and makeup by Helena Albanese }

Can this wedding be topped? Doubtful.

View the rest here
Do it. You can't miss this.
I am serious.
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