Promotion skirt

Some people have an "interview suit." This is now officially my "promotion skirt."

tank by Shade, necklace Forever XXI }

I was recently promoted to a trial position where I had 60-days to prove myself to get job A or job B (which were both win-wins, but technically job A was better). Sidenote: this is why I disappeared from this blog for like a month. I bought this skirt and these shoes to celebrate :]

I wore this skirt to work on my 19th day of my 60 day trial and was offered a permanent position for job A :]

So this skirt is slighty holy.

Just sayin'.


Emotional photography

It's the best kind.

But am I crazy for not knowing these people and being teary by the end of the series of these photos?

Jonathan Canlas does "Birth Story" photography packages (are we in an age of TLC's "A Baby Story"-obsessed culture, or what? Guilty!). I've never seen anything like this. I am too shy to sign up for this when I am preggers... But I am not ashamed to admit that I like to look at someone else's photos.

Here are some highlights.

 { see the rest here }

What do you think of Birth Story photography?


No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Not really late. But life is busy, so this will be short.

But this is just nothing short of adorable.

 { photo by Jonathan Canlas }

I love feet pictures. I love leopard print (just about) anything. I love weddings.

My day has been made :]
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