grab some tissue

I thought it was about time for some fabulous wedding mush.


my latest creation

A couple weeks ago my husband asked me to sew an apron as a wedding gift for his childhood friend... he asked the night before the wedding. Oh, husbands!

Well, I haven't sewn in awhile, so I thought it was a good excuse to get back in the saddle.

So hubs and I went to the fabric store that night, and I went to work. Hubs stayed up with me until 3:30am until I completed it. 

He was great moral support: "Keep sewing, woman!"

No, really. He said that. But it was funny, not abusive.

As tired as I was, and as frustrated as I got with it... I am thrilled with the end result. I hope the bride likes it as much as I do!

Best sewing project yet! I am making progress!


monday's muse #6

{ photo taken at Tiffany's at the Beverly Center in LA. Designer unknown. }

I am thoroughly obsessed with this chandelier. It is like an epic explosion of vintage diamond broaches.

In love.

Maybe someday I will have a fabulous house and this will be in the bathroom. 

Yeah. The bathroom. Because I will have even cooler stuff in the bigger rooms ;]

What will be in your fabulous house? Dream it up this week!


monday's muse #5

Getting more creative with hair do's...

{ see tutorial here at Fashionising }

Something that I can say I really haven't seen before, and is legitimately wearable. Although I am suspicious that it may be deceptively difficult despite it's laid back appeal.

I guess I will need to give it a trial run! 

Have a beautiful week.


just plain pretty

{ via blitz }


monday's muse #4

1950s elegance...

And most of all--red lipstick. I am currently obsessed (and found a fantastic shade and formula... more on that another day!)

{ Christian Dior's New Look 1947  via }

{ March 1950 Vogue via }

{ via Van Paris }

I want to look this lovely every day, don't you?


i want this

This watch is freaking fabulous.

 { via FFFFOUND! }

However, it's Burberry, which makes it $695. Hmm... yeah right. I am really racking my brain trying to figure out a way to DIY this. 

I think I can do it.


Monday's muse #3

Turquoise color schemes at home...

{ photos via ermoumag }

This makes me crave spring. LOVING the graphics mixed with the fresh colors.

I especially love Tiffany blue with cranberry red. I almost went with that combo for our wedding colors. We opted for navy and yellow. I am still definitely drawn to the loveliness of the blue and red, though.

Happy Monday!


Building Bling

"The silhouette of Chanel No.5’s iconic bottle — made from 1,200 hand-assembled sequins — will decorate the exterior of Paris’ Musée d’Orsay from Jan. 6 to 28. The massive flacon’s image will cover 2,890 square feet of the museum’s exterior, which runs along the Seine river." { via Womens Wear Daily }

 { via Womens Wear Daily }

I can't say that I am a fan of this juxtaposition. What do you think?

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