The wedding that broke my blogging silence

I can't even handle this.

These photos are 

Liz has been a dear friend of mine since 3rd grade, and it absolutely breaks my heart that I couldn't see this in person--blast you, LA! But this girl has always been a total knockout, and seeing her as a stunning bride absolutely took my breath away. Not to mention her handsome man, gorgeous bridesmaids, incredible decor details, and the love gushing from their eyeballs. But enough yabber--look for yourself!

And good gravy, if you are getting married in Oregon, book Erich McVey as your photographer already!

A few faves (as if I could choose...)

{ incredible photography by Erich McVey;
Liz's hair and makeup by Helena Albanese }

Can this wedding be topped? Doubtful.

View the rest here
Do it. You can't miss this.
I am serious.


I'm cranking these babies out...

The latest:


I am loving that with each apron, I can see how I am improving and progressing. 

This one was a lot of fun! The fabric is from Mood Designer Fabrics (I made it work!), and the legit vintage buttons and sash were {awesome} finds at the last Rose Bowl Flea Market

I seriously considered keeping this, but it was my first for-realsie-paid-apron-order, so I wasn't allowed. Thanks mom! :]

 So I have officially decided to start an Etsy shop. Soon.

But first, I am really excited about checking out the  
Renegade Craft Fair on July 16. 
Are you going?

I am planning on being thoroughly inspired there--regarding styles, business names, marketing strategies, pricing, etc. etc. So my plan is to launch my online shop something by August 1. We will see how that plan goes! 

Until then, I have 4 apron orders from friends 
and family to keep up with. Woot!


another apron!

This is my latest work! I am really proud of it.

I am definitely learning as I go, since I am a self-taught seamstress, here. This took me awhile to figure out, but I have been wanting to challenge myself with harder designs each time!

I also made some simple tags, since this is a gift :]

I have another one in the works right now that I am excited for, too! I bought some really great fabric from Mood, and vintage buttons and trim from the Rose Bowl Flea Market--it is going to be amazing!


one for the record books

The Urban Outfitters Sample Sale was incredible. BEYOND incredible.

Best $50 I've ever spent.

Lessons learned:
-Get there EARLY! I was about 10th in line and I got there at 10:40am--sale started at noon. Worth it.
-Sorry dudes, but if you are shopping for strictly menswear, this sale is NOT worth the $50. Not even close.
-Don't get excited about finding housewares, their samples were lame-o.
-If Black Friday sales or store like Ross stress you out to the point of paralysis--this sale is NOT for you. This is all about digging through TOTALLY unorganized tables and racks, and fighting ferocious crowds.
-Remember, this is a sample sale. Things are sample sizes--there are smalls and mediums, but nothing bigger.
-Quick judgment skills are key--pick it up, decide what you think of it, and stuff.
-Go for the shoes first (Paige took the cake on this one. See below.)
-Check for holes. A lot samples are destroyed to avoid being worn or sold. Some slashings are obvious (like the whole back is cut out), and others are subtle (a one inch square cut out along the bottom). If you are sewing machine savvy, some of it is salvageable. But inspect before you stuff.
-Wear sunscreen (learned the hard way)


Total loot: 
6 tanks
1 purse
3 belts
1 wallet
1 leather jacket
1 pair of jeans
 2 ties for the hubs
2 sweatshirts for the hubs
3 pairs of tights
4 underthings
10 tops
1 dress
1 romper
2 cardigans
1 pair of earrings
1 bracelet
= 40 items

Paige and I decided that I did better regarding being quick and selective--there was literally only one thing that when I got home I said "What was I thinking?"

However, Paige definitely won the award for best bang for her buck--she made out with TWO leather jackets and an AMAZING pair of Frye boots. She also snagged a few more accessories, which upped her total items to 50.

Yeah, I kinda wanna kill her.

I couldn't even count how many times we sang "Ohh, ohh, ohh... Just throw it in the bag!" 
Definitely the song of the day.

Trend alert

Feather hair extensions.
{ via }

 { via }

{ via }

These are awesome, all over the place, 
and I want some.


Trend alert


Crazy, ridiculous, hipster moustaches.

I know this trend isn't 100% new, but hot dang. This thing is spreading like wildfire. I swear everyone and their dog suddenly has a moustache. This is trend no longer reserved for the hipster-elite.

{ via }

Bow ties also tend to be a popular accessory with these 'staches.


come to mama!

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about this!

Urban Outfitters samples, $50 to fill a bag, 10% to the Red Cross, and as if I needed another reason-- Komodo will be there!

You best believe I will be there an hour early on Friday. 

Hopefully I will have some fabulous finds to blog about this weekend :]
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