designer of the month :: twigs & honey by Myra Callan

Who :: twigs & honey by Myra Callan

From :: Salem, Oregon

Why I love :: Like I mentioned in my August designer of the month, I am keeping it local while I am still an Oregonian!

I discovered twigs & honey about a year ago and was immediately twitterpated. When I soon found out that Myra is from SALEM of all places, I about fell off of my chair. She is pretty much my Etsy idol. I want to be her. The fact that she is creating such fabulous pieces, and doing so well out of Salem, totally inspires me. Not to mention that she was a Geography and Environmental Science major! ...I know, right?

Myra uses fabulous and unique materials that create amazing palletes of color and texture. Details, details, details. I especially can't get enough of her birdcage veils.

Favorite piece(s) of the moment :: I couldn't choose just one! So I broke my own rule... When I make the rules, I am allowed to fudge a little.

{ cake topper; cake by Marion of Myriad Cake Design; photo by Fred Molesworth of Encore Photography }

{ hair adornment; photo by Leigh Miller Photography }

{ Rise and Shine Necklace from Etsy shop $70}

Where to go (clickable) :: twigs & honey gallery website, shopping website, blog, and Etsy shop

I told my husband that as soon as he hits the bigtime in Hollywood, I am wearing a hairpiece from twigs & honey to the red carpet event, dangit!




My online portfolio is complete! Well, you know. Complete for now. It is a working document. But I am happy with it, and it will make for a great springboard for my future career endeavors.

More new news... my friend Maggie and I are getting very excited about launching an Etsy account in the near future. Our inventory is likely to start out with jewelry and hair accessories. We would eventually like to venture into the garment-realm as well--everything from more aprons to gowns. Maggie is a fabulous seamstress ...and I just bought my first dress pattern today :) But hey, we can specialize, right? I can't tell you how excited I am! I really hope we can get this rolling soon.


I am sickeningly busy getting ready for our move, so I am not sure how many more posts I will get up in the next few weeks.


But here are a couple of great links to inspire you for awhile.

A delicious wedding shoot:

Somewhere fun to play:

{ Polyvore }

Cute stationary:
{ Whale Hello and Oops I Forgot by monkeymoomoo on Etsy }

Cooking trick that I want to try ASAP -- How to caramelize onions:


mr. & mrs. montgomery

Here are some detail photos from my friend Cristine's wedding (as mentioned in bold --which, might I add, was spot on --and seen in sewing adventures, continued...) on August 22nd.

Some of my favorite details were...

1. The bridesmaid bouquets are styled with button clusters, and monogram letters of all of the bridesmaid's first names.

2. Cristine's bouquet was decorated with vintage clip-on earrings she found in antique stores and estate sales (umm... can you say "brilliant?") They tied in beautifully with the (also vintage) costume jewelry that she wore.

3. Her veil. I am a sucker for the birdcage.

{ Photos 1-8, and 10 by Amanda Collingham of Divine Design. Photo 9 by Amanda Peters, friend of the bride. }


Online Portfolio

A little sidenote...

Since I am in serious job-search mode now, I have been working on getting my portfolio up online. I have a hardcopy, and an outrageously large sized file saved to a zipdrive. But the internet is just so darn mobile. It needed to be done.

I used Carbonmade to put mine together, and so far, I would recommend them. Very user friendly, and free! But I have only been a user for a few hours, so we will have to see how it all pans out :]

Remember, this is still under construction, but here it is:

{ http://clairevoisine.carbonmade.com }

I also have added a link to my portfolio on the sidebar of this blog under "Hire Me," right below "About Me."

I should be adding more and switching things up in the days ahead. Check it out and tell me what you think!

plate decor, continued

As I mentioned in plate decor I wanted to try out another way to hang plates in an un-grandma, and otherwise stylish way.

So here is plate decor, continued.

I like.

My husband has been rolling his eyes at our outrageous amount of letter V's throughout the house now. And, yes. I admit it is overkill at this point. But what the heck, we are moving out in a couple of weeks, and I might as well experiment since it will all be coming down soon, anyway.
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