*hiatus warning*

Just thought I should let you know... 

{ via Thursday Girl blog* }

Life is getting very busy, and will only be getting busier in the next couple of weeks. I have decided that I should be spending my dwindling free time on more important things during this season of life, and cut out, or at least significantly cut back, on my internet time. Because truth be told, it sucks me in, and before I know it, hours have gone by! Anybody else feel me on this one??

Anywho, I am not abandoning ship. But I really can't be the once-a-day blogger that I thought I could be--at this point in my life, or perhaps ever. And I will most likely be pretty absent altogether for awhile here.

I already have more content waiting in my "Drafts" folder of blog posts that is waiting to get out, so don't fret. I will return :]

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to our reunion in about a month or so!

*Note-- I really only like this photo from the blog. I found it using Google Image search. I don't like this chick's blog. I don't recommend it.


fun V-Day date idea

I am not a huge Valentine's Day fan. I get annoyed by it, really. The only reason we ever do anything is because my husband kind of likes it :]


If I liked Valentine's Day, this would be a great date. There is an art studio nearby called artrebel and they specialize in art classes. They have a "Love Art" package, that is especially for dates. The Deluxe package includes: 2 hour session in the art studio (canvas, paints, and brushes included), two glasses of champagne, chocolates, and roses. There isn't any instruction, you are just left alone to create. 

How fun and romantic, right?! I thought so.

This package costs $250 but I found about this via Groupon (more on this later), because they had a coupon to get it for $95. That still seems pricey to me, but I love the idea. You could totally recreate this at home though! Snag a canvas and some paints from Michael's, buy your favorite champagne or wine, chocolates, and get from roses from Trader Joe's. (Throw an old sheet on the ground, too--don't ruin the carpet!) And presto--fun, creative, affordable date, and you get an awesome souvenir out of it!

So sidenote about Groupon. If you haven't heard of it, it is a website that when you sign up for their emails, you get a daily email of a rockin' deal around town. I figured I had nothing to lose (other than one junk mail message a day), and it could present a chance for us to see some of the city every once and awhile. The  coupons may be for restaurants, hotels, services, pretty much anything--but it is only one per day. They are typically something like this: "Get $30 toward your meal for only $15" ...so you essentially pay a discounted rate up front, like a gift card at half price. I haven't actually bought any yet, but I am waiting for the right time to pounce :]  Oh, and Groupon has deals at a long list of big cities in the US--not just LA.

What are you doing for V-Day?


i heart marketing.

Sometimes I hate marketing... but only because I love it. I hate it when it sucks me in. But that is what I love about it, too.

Check out the website of this Dutch company, called HEMA. Go there and experience it. Everything is in dutch, but just sit back and watch :]

{ screen shot of HEMA's site }

They hit it right on the money. Don't you want to buy something now? Doesn't that just sound so fun??


Trend Alert

Peep Toe Booties.

This is not a drill.

Want them.

{ Alexander McQueen via In Their Closet }


dressing up

Anthropologie always seems to get it right.

I love their outfit trend boards. This is the latest one--"Midcentury Proper"

These are my faves:

Don't you want to dress up now? Because I do.

Thank you, mom, for sending this link my way :]
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