Mash-up chandelier

I am SO excited about this.

I just discovered an amazing interior design firm in Hollywood called spacecraft. 

They happen to share a space with hub's new commercial agent (woo!). I went to a quick meeting with him, and had to hold my hand over my mouth to avoid embarrassing him with my ecstatic squeals. 

Their office is so. freaking. cool.

I wanted to take pictures so badly, but hubs wouldn't allow (read: embarrassment). However, I found a photo online of an office party they had, that shows off my FAVORITE element of the waiting room--the mashup chandelier.

Look beyond the paper lanterns, and drink in that amazing garage-sale-finds-separated-at-birth-and-now-thrown-together-perfectly chandelier.

Ahh! I want it!

The best part is, I could totally MAKE it!

Next exciting thought... we move in t-minus 10 days, and our new apartment has vaulted ceilings. 
*holding in squeals!*


trend alert: foxtail keychains


Noticing this trend around the city... Foxtails worn in your back pocket or clipped to your purse. Men and women alike.

{ by OAK }

{ photos via Nasty Gal }

What do you think? 
Will you be sporting this trend?



I'm so proud of myself for knocking out of the items on my to-do list before we move (see it here)

I painted our table:

 Remember the before?


I sewed new pillow cushion covers:

Recognize the fabric?

I'm telling myself that it's not too matchy-matchy, and was a resourceful choice :]

Next on the list... painting the bookcase. This will be quite an ordeal, but I have all my equipment:

I also just posted a craigslist ad for our end tables, started a "Goodwill" pile and and hubs started going through our stupid filing cabinet of randomness.


lookbook - coffee date with hubby

American Apparel Track Shirt
Old Navy denim shorts
H&M booties
Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag
Necklace from my grandmother
Bracelet... I bought this in like, 8th grade, and have no idea where it's from!


Hot October

I'm not sure who long it will take me to get used to year round hot weather...

It has been upwards of 100 degrees all week... it is October! What the heck! I miss the rain and weather that is cold enough to wear cute wool coats, rainboots, and beanies.

In October's past, I liked to ring in autumn with a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks.

This year, hubs and I rang it in with Pumpkin Pie froyo with graham cracker crust crumbs from Yogurtland.


Refreshing to the body temperature, 
yet surprisingly warming of the soul :]
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