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New trendboard for Ashley. I think these colors suit her style a little better.


sewing adventures

About a month ago I was given my grandmother's sewing machine. To make this heirloom even awesomer (oh, I said it!) I found out that my dad actually bought this machine for my grandmother.

How sweet is that? Sweet as in double meaning--precious, and way cool!

So this Wednesday, my dad oiled it up for me and I used my day off to complete a legit sewing project. From fabric store, to reading the instruction manual on how to thread the thing, to final product all in one day. So proud of myself, and had so much fun. My husband was at work all day, so I was home alone, but I literally would dance around with uncontrollable joy every so often because I was so excited. ha!

Anyway, I can't say what it is that I made yet, or post a picture, because I made a gift for friend's bridal shower coming up in a couple weeks. And she has admitted to reading this blog, so she can't see it on here before she unwraps it. :] But pictures will come soon after that!

Jayne Mansfield

I came across this photo of Jayne Mansfield yesterday, and even though it is so incredibly irrelevant and ridiculous, it still makes me smile.

{ Photo by Allan Grant, 1957, as seen in LIFE magazine }

I wish I were laying in a pool right now surrounded by hot water bottles molded to my likeness, don't you?


diy chandelier

I saw this chandelier at Z Gallerie last weekend, and drooled a little.

...After I wiped my chin, I determined that this could definitely be DIYed. Then my dad chimed in and said that it would look great in front of a big bathroom mirror. Brilliant!

So now all I need is a big bathroom and a big mirror.
Then I want to make this.


one lump, or two?

I am loving tea gowns for weddings. I didn't wear one, but one of my good friends told me after I bought my (long) wedding dress that she always pictured me as a short-dress-wearing-bride. I had never seriously considered wearing a shorter gown, but they have some gorgeous options out there. So if that is your thing, and that is your wedding-- absolutely be brave and do it.

This J. Crew gown is just plain cute. Perfect for a beach or backyard wedding, and totally re-wearable (If anyone really does that... uh, besides my mom. That's another story).

I am really not a fan of Brides magazine (Hi, I'd like to pay $6 for a stack of advertisements please?), but I LOVE their cover this month. So fresh. Those shoes (yum, yum Christian Louboutin). And that dress is fabulous. If I had gone short, I would have gone with this one... with those shoes.
{ Brides }

the paper.

How awesome is this old- school flyer-esque wedding invite?

The fonts. The story. The graphics.

I love it.

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Source: Matt Dorfman's News + Sketches + Accidents
Found via: iDiY

the skinny suit

Can I please say how much I love this trend? And how it seems to be sticking around for more than just a fleeting season?

Skinny suits. Skinny ties. I heart you.

{ Photo: The Insider }

{ Photo: The Insider }

Yeah, I know that is Zac Efron. Don't judge me. I like his suit.


designer of the month :: Elizabeth Dye

Who :: Elizabeth Dye

From :: Portland, Oregon

Why I love :: I am detail obsessed. And this girl's got it. Extremely intricate, luxurious fabrics (either to the hand or to the eye), with details so interesting that you have to study it twice to catch them all. She has fabulous boleros, custom wedding dresses, as well as (drumroll) wedding dress redesign. ...just add sentiment to details, and I am hooked.

Favorite piece of the moment ::

Gorgeous cream linen bolero jacket. I can't get over the detailing. The more I stare, the more I get lost in it. According to her listing, "Embellishments include antique lace, vintage embroidered and french knotted linen, raw-edged linen ruffles, and cream colored soutache embroidery scrolls." A stunning collection of romantic textures, all rolled into a structured couture piece.

Where to go (brick and mortar) :: 1124 SW Alder St., Portland, OR 97205

Where to go (clickable) :: The English Dept. or the Etsy shop

chocolate cars

I truly never thought I'd see the day. I should never say such a thing, but it's true. Sometimes even the ugliest trends make their way back into our hearts.

I've noticed brand new brown cars everywhere lately. Here are a few:

Clockwise, from top left: Audi, Ferrari, Mini Cooper, Volvo S60, concept car

I have to admit, I am oddly intriguied by this color of car. I can't say I'd buy one, but I can't say that I hate it, either.

So here is the real reason why I thought it would never come back. The 1987 Ford Aerostar van I grew up being dropped off to school in:

Original Ford sales brochure: as seen on eBay

Cut me some slack, alright?



These photos of Marilyn Monroe were recently found in a warehouse belonging to Life magazine in New Jersey. These photos were submitted by Ed Clark, the photographer, but they were never used. The photos have remained unpublished until now. She was 24 at the time, and fairly unknown. In a 1999 interview Clark said, "She was unknown then, so I was able to spend a lot of time shooting her...I sent several rolls to Life in New York, but they wired back, 'Who the hell is Marilyn Monroe?'"

While I hate over-glamourizing and pretending someone like Marilyn Monroe lived some beautiful, whimiscal life, I can't deny that she was a babe.

And ooh, how I love to get lost in some good photography.

Here are my favorites.

I especially love the monogram on her blouse in the last photo.

Read th
e full story here.
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