*hiatus warning*

Just thought I should let you know... 

{ via Thursday Girl blog* }

Life is getting very busy, and will only be getting busier in the next couple of weeks. I have decided that I should be spending my dwindling free time on more important things during this season of life, and cut out, or at least significantly cut back, on my internet time. Because truth be told, it sucks me in, and before I know it, hours have gone by! Anybody else feel me on this one??

Anywho, I am not abandoning ship. But I really can't be the once-a-day blogger that I thought I could be--at this point in my life, or perhaps ever. And I will most likely be pretty absent altogether for awhile here.

I already have more content waiting in my "Drafts" folder of blog posts that is waiting to get out, so don't fret. I will return :]

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to our reunion in about a month or so!

*Note-- I really only like this photo from the blog. I found it using Google Image search. I don't like this chick's blog. I don't recommend it.


  1. i'll miss having you around friend :)....in the blog world anyway...but luckily i still get to keep up with what you're up to in other ways.

    good luck with all the busy-ness!

  2. Ah gee, I will miss you on a daily basis. But I might get lucky and see you in person!


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