my latest creation

A couple weeks ago my husband asked me to sew an apron as a wedding gift for his childhood friend... he asked the night before the wedding. Oh, husbands!

Well, I haven't sewn in awhile, so I thought it was a good excuse to get back in the saddle.

So hubs and I went to the fabric store that night, and I went to work. Hubs stayed up with me until 3:30am until I completed it. 

He was great moral support: "Keep sewing, woman!"

No, really. He said that. But it was funny, not abusive.

As tired as I was, and as frustrated as I got with it... I am thrilled with the end result. I hope the bride likes it as much as I do!

Best sewing project yet! I am making progress!


  1. Oh my that is really freaking cool!

  2. Adorable! I think I've made a few pillow cases? I need to brush up on my sewing skills!

    P.S. Just found your blog! Loving the inspiration:-) xoxo

  3. Thank you both! And thanks for stumbling upon my blog, I love seeing new faces :] and I love checking out said faces' blogs, too!


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