shameless plug

Did you see me on Wipeout?

The episode aired March 31, 2011 and is called "John Henson, Zombie Hunter"

They dubbed me "Mrs. Fixity" :]

Here it is, via hulu.com:

Here is a 2 minute clip of me on the qualifier {the first round of the obstacle course game show, for all of you people who are missing out in life, and don't watch Wipeout!}

{these links won't work forever, but here they are for now!}

Feel free to laugh at me, not just with me :] That was kind of the point. 

But yes, it really hurt!

Mrs. Fixity

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  1. Just had to let you know, I was root'n for you from the get-go! It may have been that I fell in love with you a bit, which was funny because I watched the show with my girlfriend and she fell in love with that darned lab fellow. Anyhow, great job!

    -In PDX


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