I'm cranking these babies out...

The latest:


I am loving that with each apron, I can see how I am improving and progressing. 

This one was a lot of fun! The fabric is from Mood Designer Fabrics (I made it work!), and the legit vintage buttons and sash were {awesome} finds at the last Rose Bowl Flea Market

I seriously considered keeping this, but it was my first for-realsie-paid-apron-order, so I wasn't allowed. Thanks mom! :]

 So I have officially decided to start an Etsy shop. Soon.

But first, I am really excited about checking out the  
Renegade Craft Fair on July 16. 
Are you going?

I am planning on being thoroughly inspired there--regarding styles, business names, marketing strategies, pricing, etc. etc. So my plan is to launch my online shop something by August 1. We will see how that plan goes! 

Until then, I have 4 apron orders from friends 
and family to keep up with. Woot!

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