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If you're in LA, and are coming to visit anytime soon... You NEED to eat from the Komodo taco truck.

This is not your typical greasy-sketch-machine taco truck.

This food is legit.

{ komodo Java Beef Rendang tacos }

Their offerings are not your typical taco fillings. My personal favorite is the Komodo 2.0, which is a seared skirt steak with Jalapeno aoli and southwest corn salad.
Hubs' fave is the Asian marinated chicken taco. Check it out:
{ komodo }

Now wipe off the drool from your keyboard.

Other offerings include (super awesome) garlic Parmesan fries, the Blazin' Shrimp (no joke--my mouth was on FIRE, but it was so good!), vegetarian option of the soy taco with peanut sauce, and the fish (Alaskan cod to be exact) and grapes taco.

Hubby and I have tracked down this truck twice this week to bask in it's goodness. That is almost embarrassing... But it's that good.
Follow it on twitter at @komodofood, or check out their website for their whereabouts (there are two of these heavenly trucks!).

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  1. now i totally want a taco.

    right. now.

    next time we visit we're totally tracking this truck down :).

    and yay for you writing a blog post. i miss your blog when you don't write!


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