Have you heard of this yet? 

Chictopia launched in April 2008, and was named one of Women's Wear Daily's sites to watch in 2010. 

They are growing like mad--already over 100,000 users. It's Polyvore meets HotorNot.com meets Facebook. 

It works like this: users post photos of themselves highlighting their outfits. Other users comment or give "style points" if they like the getup. Users often post where their outfit pieces can be purchased, and for how much. Like Facebook, you form a community by "friending" other users. You can also have "favorites."

It seems like THE zeitgeist of the fashion world for 2010. I'm betting this will continue to grow.
I haven't made my own account yet, but if nothing else, I think it could provide some great inspiration for my own closet :]

What's your take?

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