My online portfolio is complete! Well, you know. Complete for now. It is a working document. But I am happy with it, and it will make for a great springboard for my future career endeavors.

More new news... my friend Maggie and I are getting very excited about launching an Etsy account in the near future. Our inventory is likely to start out with jewelry and hair accessories. We would eventually like to venture into the garment-realm as well--everything from more aprons to gowns. Maggie is a fabulous seamstress ...and I just bought my first dress pattern today :) But hey, we can specialize, right? I can't tell you how excited I am! I really hope we can get this rolling soon.


I am sickeningly busy getting ready for our move, so I am not sure how many more posts I will get up in the next few weeks.


But here are a couple of great links to inspire you for awhile.

A delicious wedding shoot:

Somewhere fun to play:

{ Polyvore }

Cute stationary:
{ Whale Hello and Oops I Forgot by monkeymoomoo on Etsy }

Cooking trick that I want to try ASAP -- How to caramelize onions:

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