This has become my one of my husband's favorites, and makes me feel like I'm a good cook :]

Barbecue chicken pizza
{ Get the recipe here }

My huband isn't an onion fan (It's a shame, I know. Some sort of texture thing. Whatev.) so I skip the red onion. Still amazing. I also tend to increase the BBQ sauce to pizza sauce ratio, and increase the amount of cilantro that I throw on top.

We've tried a few different crusts:
- Made from scratch (Tastes good but ends up too thick--we like thin crust)
- Trader Joes ready-to-bake crusts (From the refrigerated section. Yum!)
- Betty Crocker Just-Add-Water crust (In a bag in the baking aisle. Least classy, but by far our favorite!)

Try it!

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