because good things come in threes...

1. You have to take a look at this carnival-themed, detail saturated, real wedding posted today at Snippet & Ink.

2. I also discovered a fabulous new website this morning. It's an e-zine called Utterly Engaged. There are currently three issues available. Sign up so you can receive the next one (they're all free!).

3. I know that this is an old post from My Sweet Savannah, but I love this. I am getting so anxious to decorate our apartment walls, and my grandma gave us these fabulous plates from Anthropolgie for our wedding, which have yet to come out of their box--which is such a shame.{ Plates by Anthropologie. Photos via happy mundane blog }

Our plates of course all have "V" on them. And every letter has different details, so ours actually have a cute little bird on them in addition to the lovely branches.

sidenote: I recently saw these plates still in the store, but they are no longer available online. So they may have been or are in the process of being discontinued.

I want to do something like this with them. I'd like to mix in some pictures, perhaps other objects, and I think I need to stop at a thrift store and find some more coordinating china. [That thrifting inspiration is thanks to my wonderful friend Lauren. We went a week or two ago, and I think I want her help again! Read her blog here.]

We will see if I have time to work on this little project this week. I will post pictures if I do.


  1. i love, love, love this post! that carnival wedding is adorable, and the girl's hair is GORGEOUS! oh man...so many exclamation points right now! I'm so glad you posted pictures of those plates too. They're super cute. You totally need to hang them up. If you mix in other objects w/ the plates (which i think is a superb idea), you might want to try out some small shadow boxes with little trinkets in them. it might be really cute :).

    thanks for giving my blog some love. even if you're the only one who reads it, it's still fun :).

  2. I say you paint empty frames in the same colors as the plates and hang them together. That's my imput.

  3. I like that idea! :0) Thanks. I have been collecting stuff this week, and playing around with how I will arrange it. Nothing hung yet though.


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