Something I am seriously considering... but I haven't done it yet.

But! this video made me feel a little more competent about what the heck I would be doing if I ever do get around to in-home gardening.


  1. yay for terrariums! they're so darn cute!

  2. This is a great video and terrariums are very fun to make and maintain! If you try one out you can check out my blog for tips and links to how-to pages to keep your terrariums healthy and happy!


  3. This totally reminds me, I need to post pictures of my little apartment balcony garden.

    My favorite plant is my mint plant because it's super hardy, and great for summer mojitos ;P

  4. I think this looks like great fun. I should have ordered this to occupy my time on vacation. I still have dirt from Earth Day in my car. But instead I will be building a Lego model of the Guggenheim in NY. Equally exciting if you ask me.


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