Jared Birt

I have been religiously checking Jared Birt's blog, anxiously awaiting my great friend and old roommate Casey's wedding pictures. She was married July 24, and I am incredibly anxious to see them! Their wedding was gorgeous. But I am shutting myself up now. Another day. Another post.

No Casey pictures yet. But these are quite drool-worthy anyhow.

{ photography by Jared Birt }

My absolute favorite is the last photo. I love the colors, the layering, and the fact that everyone's emotion and expression are all captured in one frame.

I am even MORE excited now for Casey and Jake's wedding photos now!

And one more...
{ photography by Jared Birt }

This photo just happens to be of another friend/old roommate's sister! I really love the lighting. Absolutely ethereal. Doesn't hurt that Selena is gorgeous, either!

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  1. Really beautiful bride photo. Really cute young expectant mamma shot too! aa


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