plate decor

So I finally acted upon my plates-as-wall-art musings as seen in because good things come in threes...

I originally had a bigger plan with more shelves, frames, and tchotchkes. But I decided that I would never really hang it up if I got overly ambitious. Plus, the shelf hanging turned out to be an ├╝ber pain. That said, I will most likely build upon this, but I am happy enough with it for now... minus my crooked shelf. Ignore that :]

- plates from Anthropologie
- plate hanging brackets (I felt like a grandma buying these) from Fred Meyer for 5 1/2 - 7 inch plates
- sign made by my friend Maggie (one of my favorite bridal shower gifts)
- ledge shelf from Bed Bath & Beyond by nexxt (part of a 4 piece set)
- candle in tin from Old Navy - Fresh Greens scent, which actually doesn't even smell that great, but it was on clearance for 47¢ and I bought it for the color
- lucite magnetic frame that was previously occupied by an ugly award (wonderfully displayed in a drawer)
- our vintage Wilton cake topper that I found on eBay for $8
- vintage aqua glass Ball canning jar with a wire lid that I snagged at an estate sale for a buck. Score.

I like that our living room now has a focal point. I also am finally happy with the furniture arrangement. I did some scooting around the other day, and it makes much more sense now. But the living room was far from clean enough to take a picture of and post. Maybe another day!

I still want to try hanging plates in an empty frame, too. Hopefully soon, now that my free time isn't dedicated to homework.

You know.

Since I'm a graduate and all. :]


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