sewing adventures continued...

This is the bridal shower gift that I was ever-so-discreetly dancing around talking about in sewing adventures. I am so excited to finally post a picture of it! I had a lot of fun making it.

{ my beautiful friend Cristine }

This was my first apron. I have made one more since then, and hope to crank out a few more in the near future. I am thinking about trying a new style out, too. I haven't even used a pattern yet, I just traced my own apron and made a few alterations.

My FAVORITE part of this apron is the ruffle. You can't see the detail in this photo, but it is actually a bubble hem of organza polished off with a narrow cream satin ribbon. Delicious.


I am really proud of myself. The only other thing that I've ever sewn in my life is a quilt-- at Quilt Camp. Oh, yeah. I went to Quilt Camp. I went with two friends the summer after high school graduation, and the next-eldest Quilt Camper was 11. Whom, by the way, finished 3 days before me and proceeded to make matching pillows and clothing for her sock monkey with her quilting scraps. Yeah. I felt cool.

But my quilt turned out amazing!

Point being, I had only sewn straight lines, I had my best friend thread the sewing machine when I screwed it up, and I forced the quilting teacher do my hand sewing.

This apron was 100% Claire. No one else was even home, so I was completely self reliant! My only help was the ancient sewing machine instruction booklet with my grandma's amazing cursive notes in it-- which also made the whole process even more enjoyable. :]


  1. The apron and your friend are both darling!

  2. i love it even more on christine! so cute! nice work domestic diva. let's do dinner...i'll cook & you make the cute apron :). love you friend!


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