my favorite time of year

It's official. Holiday jolliness kicks off tomorrow with the highly anticipated (what? you didn't highly anticipate this? it's just me?) release of the red cups at Starbucks. And gingerbread. And eggnog.

Yummmmmmmm. I might be too excited to sleep. ...Might be.

I count down the days until Gingerbread comes. It's on my calendar. It is slightly embarrassing, but 100% true. I love it that much.

It is SO delicious. It tastes like liquid Christmas. And I love Christmas.

And those red cups are just plain joy-inducing. You can't deny it!

{ random photo that looked pretty that I found here }

Grande gingerbread white chocolate mocha, how I love you so. It has been 10 long months since my lips parted from your plastic lid, but tomorrow we will reunite!


  1. "...reunited, and it feels so good..."

    this is one of my favorites of all your quirks :).

    i just may go get one myself and imagine we're having a coffee date together. but don't worry...i won't bring a cardboard cut out of you or anything. i'm not that creepy.

  2. p.s. i've left you a little "award" on my blog. not sure what you're supposed to do with it. maybe you should make an acceptance speech or something :).

  3. Lauren is funny!

    I really enjoyed our red cup coffee date last week! But I still miss you.


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