The outfit I want to wear today...

This is exactly what I want to be wearing today. It's a chilly 52˚ outside (I know... wah, wah).

I love this because all of it is from Forever 21, and therefore, all affordable.

I really have those boots, and I am so in love with them. The rest of the outfit is similar to stuff that I own, other than the purse. I love that bag. However, in person, it is itty bitty. I know that being itty bitty makes it Harajuku-chic, which I am all for. But I just can't deal with an itty bitty purse. I am a bigger-the-better kind of purse girl.

So the scale in this picture makes me happier :)

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Have any of you checked out Polyvore yet?

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  1. holy blog posts friend!

    you went through a drought and then... BAM! tons at once. excited to read these!


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