chocolate cars

I truly never thought I'd see the day. I should never say such a thing, but it's true. Sometimes even the ugliest trends make their way back into our hearts.

I've noticed brand new brown cars everywhere lately. Here are a few:

Clockwise, from top left: Audi, Ferrari, Mini Cooper, Volvo S60, concept car

I have to admit, I am oddly intriguied by this color of car. I can't say I'd buy one, but I can't say that I hate it, either.

So here is the real reason why I thought it would never come back. The 1987 Ford Aerostar van I grew up being dropped off to school in:

Original Ford sales brochure: as seen on eBay

Cut me some slack, alright?


  1. I'm partial to the Mini, but probably only because I enjoy driving them, and the stripe helps break up the blah brown.

    I have seen a few brownish-mustard colored cars lately and I have to wonder what people are thinking.

  2. I loved that van. I woudl buy the mini in a minute! aa


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