one lump, or two?

I am loving tea gowns for weddings. I didn't wear one, but one of my good friends told me after I bought my (long) wedding dress that she always pictured me as a short-dress-wearing-bride. I had never seriously considered wearing a shorter gown, but they have some gorgeous options out there. So if that is your thing, and that is your wedding-- absolutely be brave and do it.

This J. Crew gown is just plain cute. Perfect for a beach or backyard wedding, and totally re-wearable (If anyone really does that... uh, besides my mom. That's another story).

I am really not a fan of Brides magazine (Hi, I'd like to pay $6 for a stack of advertisements please?), but I LOVE their cover this month. So fresh. Those shoes (yum, yum Christian Louboutin). And that dress is fabulous. If I had gone short, I would have gone with this one... with those shoes.
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