designer of the month :: Elizabeth Dye

Who :: Elizabeth Dye

From :: Portland, Oregon

Why I love :: I am detail obsessed. And this girl's got it. Extremely intricate, luxurious fabrics (either to the hand or to the eye), with details so interesting that you have to study it twice to catch them all. She has fabulous boleros, custom wedding dresses, as well as (drumroll) wedding dress redesign. ...just add sentiment to details, and I am hooked.

Favorite piece of the moment ::

Gorgeous cream linen bolero jacket. I can't get over the detailing. The more I stare, the more I get lost in it. According to her listing, "Embellishments include antique lace, vintage embroidered and french knotted linen, raw-edged linen ruffles, and cream colored soutache embroidery scrolls." A stunning collection of romantic textures, all rolled into a structured couture piece.

Where to go (brick and mortar) :: 1124 SW Alder St., Portland, OR 97205

Where to go (clickable) :: The English Dept. or the Etsy shop


  1. so...i'm pretty sure i was a follower before, but we'll see if i actually start getting updates now :). have you ever been to the english dept.? i always see there stuff in lucky, & i've walked past but never been in. we should peruse sometime.

  2. Lauren, I haven't been in the store yet, but I was really hoping to go this summer! My mom really wants to see it too. So maybe we should have a mom-daughter date, or keep it simple, and I will just have to go twice :0)


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