sewing adventures

About a month ago I was given my grandmother's sewing machine. To make this heirloom even awesomer (oh, I said it!) I found out that my dad actually bought this machine for my grandmother.

How sweet is that? Sweet as in double meaning--precious, and way cool!

So this Wednesday, my dad oiled it up for me and I used my day off to complete a legit sewing project. From fabric store, to reading the instruction manual on how to thread the thing, to final product all in one day. So proud of myself, and had so much fun. My husband was at work all day, so I was home alone, but I literally would dance around with uncontrollable joy every so often because I was so excited. ha!

Anyway, I can't say what it is that I made yet, or post a picture, because I made a gift for friend's bridal shower coming up in a couple weeks. And she has admitted to reading this blog, so she can't see it on here before she unwraps it. :] But pictures will come soon after that!

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  1. You described your adventure delightfully.


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