the loot

So here they are... The Santee Alley purchases! There were so many other wonderful things that I passed up, but these all just had to come home with me.

This hat is so fun, and it fits my ginormous head. Lauren snagged a brown one. 
The color offering made it really hard to choose!

Straw fedora - $8.50 (2 for $17 split with Lauren)


 I bought this for the hubs, but I may be borrowing it...

Scarf - $5

Sweater flower headband - 50 cents

Umm... yeah. 50 cents.

 Skinny jeans - $10
The back pocket detailing is really cute. A little hard to see... 

Just try not to stare at my ass too long. 

That would be weird.

 My favorite find... One day I will have to tell you of my zebra obsession.

I LOVE this wallet. PLUS it matches my debit card--which I have gotten comments on that fact pretty much daily since I got it.

It's almost a little embarrassing.


Wallet - $5

Excuse the dorky face... but these glasses basically blow my mind. I love them.
Another shopper told me "You have to get those. Those glasses are pimp!"

Who says "pimp"?

I didn't need her convincing, but I bought them. :]

Pimp glasses - $5

Did you notice my Give a Shirt? I'm actually wearing the husband's. I liked how baggy and cute it was with leggings!

 $34 well spent... Wouldn't you say?


  1. Perfect finds and ridiculously amazing prices. You look so cute in that fedora!!

    And skinnies for WHAT price??


  2. I want the hat and the scarf for hubby. I can never find a scarf. I keep asking people if I can pull off the woman's ones at work, but they always say NO.


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