Uber Tiny, Uber cool

This makes me feel better about our little one bedroom apartment.

This Seattle apartment is 182 square feet.

Read the whole article here.
**Thank you, thank you to Bill and Meadow for the tip on this article! Intelligent and interesting people who exude intelligent and interesting things!**

This also makes me feel like I have been horribly un-creative in coming up with ways to maximize space.

I could never live like this... but I am definitely inspired to think a little harder about my uses of space. What do you think?


  1. I get no credit for this post? I am appaled.

  2. Frick! You always call me out. I will rectify this situation :]

  3. oh, that was sweet. And I will forever enjoy calling you out. Love the blog, but I am still waiting for my amazing ability to arrange dishes to be featured.

  4. Send me some better quality photos. That was the deal, remember? :]


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