Representing Corvallis ...and good music

I have loved OK Go since their first album came out in 2002 [Umm... I was borderline obsessed. No lie.] Frankly, I am a true music snob when it comes to these guys, and prefer their old stuff to the new... but I digress. 

My husband just showed me this video a few days ago and I loved that they did yet another ridiculously choreographed video all in one take. However, I learned today that it was filmed in Corvallis, Oregon!! which make me like it 100x more.

I love my Beavs.
I love OK Go.
You should watch the vid.

{For those of you who didn't know, I went to Oregon State University, which is in lil ol' Corvallis. Love that place. Not enough to live there longer than I did to go to college... But I love it nonetheless}

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