mr. & mrs. montgomery

Here are some detail photos from my friend Cristine's wedding (as mentioned in bold --which, might I add, was spot on --and seen in sewing adventures, continued...) on August 22nd.

Some of my favorite details were...

1. The bridesmaid bouquets are styled with button clusters, and monogram letters of all of the bridesmaid's first names.

2. Cristine's bouquet was decorated with vintage clip-on earrings she found in antique stores and estate sales (umm... can you say "brilliant?") They tied in beautifully with the (also vintage) costume jewelry that she wore.

3. Her veil. I am a sucker for the birdcage.

{ Photos 1-8, and 10 by Amanda Collingham of Divine Design. Photo 9 by Amanda Peters, friend of the bride. }

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