Watch this Chanel no. 5 commercial ...and then come back.

Marketing at it's finest. Absolutely beautiful. Somehow you're sold on a perfume that you can't even smell while you are watching. You just think to yourself, "I want the bottle that has that much romance floating around in it."

...Except, I can't stand the scent. Dangit.

Oh well. Still gorgeous. Love that. And I pretty much want to rob Audrey Tatou of her wardrobe. Ah, to be French. At least my name makes me sound it.


  1. So how do you neglect to mention that Audrey Tautou is in the ad? And frankly your idea of romance is a little overly romantic and maybe you should re-watch Amelie for something better.

  2. Alright, Bill. Just for you. And I wasn't all that impressed with Amelie, but I guess I could give it another try since it's been a few years since I've seen it.

    And leave my idea of romance alone. Chanel just makes everything better.


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