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Flower girls. ADORABLE. Let's get that out of the way, shall we? Unpredictable, traditional, sometimes even a little cheesy... Not for everyone, I know. But come on. They can be so gall dang cute.

But what is up with flower girl dresses costing more than prom dresses? Or even wedding dresses? That is just a scam and a half. Tack the name "wedding" onto ANYTHING and it's value is suddenly inflated 6 times over.

Let's face it, toddlers are wearing these things. And often these frocks are white (more on this later) or at least some precious pastel color. It is hard enough for a bride--a grown woman, mind you--to keep her white dress clean. I don't even need to say more about that. But can we mention that this dress will more than likely never be worn again? And sure, her mom might save it in a box somewhere, but who really re-wears those things? And you know that they will be grown out of it by the time you are back from your honeymoon, right?

Okay, so let's cut to the chase. I walked by this adorable dress in Old Navy this week and instantly thought "Perfect flower girl dress!" Why? It is modern, just dressy enough, age-appropriate, summer heat appropriate (but adding a sweater is totally do-able ,too), comfortable for baby (100% cotton!), washable (again, 100% cotton!), and BONUS: It's $19.50!P.S. Seriously, go see this in person. It looks so much better on the hanger, it is almost sad. I really wished they had a photo of this dress on a model, but alas. This squint-your-eyes-real-hard-at-it photo is all there was.

Okay, so now my rant on white flower girl dresses...(I apologize. I do this time to time, but I promise, it isn't daily.)

Whether you are a traditional, non-traditional, religious, non-religious, church wedding, or courthouse wedding-type... Whatev. I think it is a pretty safe assumption that the vast majority of female wedding guests wouldn't want to wear a white dress to a wedding. Agreed? K. You just don't want to take that from the bride. You wouldn't do it even if you hate her, because you know that every other guest would hate you for it. So why are already adorable toddlers exempt from this rule? Isn't the whole point of not wearing white for the "all eyes on the bride" deal goin' on? (Read: I am not into the "I am the princess. It is my wedding, so my day will be perfect, even if you all suffer to make it that way" thing. I hate bridezilla. But this is the one thing I am on Team Bride about.) But really, what is the deal with it not being okay for cousin Jimmy's hot girlfriend to wear white, but it's cool for niece Maddy? Most weddings today include colors other than white in the decor (please!). Put her in a dress that compliments the color scheme or theme of the wedding. She will still look precious, non-white dresses are much more practical, there won't be insane wedding inflation on it, and it will be so much easier to find.

That said. Drumroll, please. Here is my $19.50 perfect flower girl dress at it's finest:

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