Top, left to right: Nine West shoes, theknot Bridesmaids, paper by Verde Paperie, theknot Tie and Bout, theknot Ring Pillow, grass, jelly beans, keys, flowers and paper Max Wanger, gloves by The Bohemian Goddess on Etsy, oranges and limes, theknot table decor, lollipops, limes

Colors: tangerine, lime, turquoise
Mood: fresh, vibrant, young, sweet, sophisticated, breezy, tart

My first wedding trend board! Many more to come. This one was inspired by Ashley. I have a few more to make for her, too.

1 comment:

  1. this trend board is so delightful. i'm impressed. at least there's a good reason why your homework doesn't always get done. :-)

    love you. keep up the awesome work. seriously.


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