{insert envious sigh here}

So I stumbled upon this gorgeous dress while doing homework for a class that I truly have come to despise... Thanks, OSU. I guess I really am able to apply what I am learning.

And bonus, it really made my assignment much more enjoyable to complete. Minus the fact that I was a little distracted by the amazing possibilities and potential of this dress, and wanting to hurry up and post it on here.

Hmm. Worth it.
This vintage (1977) silk organza gown is by Zandra Rhodes of London. This photo is from Vintage Textile, an amazing website with vintage garments (many of which are for sale) from the 1920s and on. New finds are updated regularly.

I have to admit, it is a little sad that I don't have a photo of this knockout dress on an actual body. Plastic appendages just don't quite do it justice. But can't you imagine??

Gall dang. I want to see this on a bride. Or on a a non-bride who has a fabulous summer evening party to go to.

...Or just on me. {sigh}

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