Hairstylist hunt

Unfortunately, I am rapidly approaching the in-dire-need-of-a-haircut stage. Ugh. I so don't want to deal with finding a hairstylist around here.

I am poor, but don't want to fall victim to a fresh out of beauty school n00b trying to be LA edgy type of disaster (but it was such a deal!).
You know what I am talking about.I stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago and have been seriously contemplating using it. It's called LifeBooker. Lucky for me, and not-so-lucky for my Oregon readers, this site is for the biggest cities only. My guess is it will slowly grow to encompass smaller metropolises. But until then--it is helpful if you live in NYC or LA.

{ Lifebooker LA screenshot }

The site provides lists of vendors for different services: haircut, hair color, mani, pedi, massage, waxing, etc. The LA list even encompasses teeth whitening and Pole Dancing Workout classes. What?!

Check out the right side of the screen. The search engine for the site absolutely rocks. You can select your price range (or how high you want the discount to be), where the business is located, practitioner gender, time of appointment availability, etc. ...Basically awesome.

Once you find a couple of potential businesses you are interested in, you can view their list of services and prices and--the best part--reviews!

This is the Lifebooker page of the salon that I am considering. It's called Orange Berlin, and a ton of the reviews rave about a stylist named Brigitte.

...Don't you want your haircut on Beverly Blvd in West LA by a woman by that name? 'Cause I sure do.

This is what the salon looks like:

*sidenote: even the blogpost on Blackburn and Sweetzer
had people commenting about Brigitte. I think she must be legit.

And their cute logo (why am I a sucker for this stuff?). Although, other than this banner, their website totally sucks:

I expected to have to pay more living here for a haircut than my $20-something Salem style (ah, those were the days)... But with 65% off, bringing it down to $52.50 for a salon--and stylist, no less--with rave reviews... I am very tempted to just go for it.

What do you think?

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