little letters.

Dear LA weather,

Thanks for the sunshine, and not allowing the air here to get down to 15 degrees, like it is in Salem. And, despite what everyone else is saying... I really didn't mind that rain.

Dear Dryer,

You make our apartment smell so good and feel so warm. You really know how to work those dryer sheets. But why do you insist on taking at least two full cycles to get anything dry?

Dear God,

Thank you for eggnog and the smell of Christmas trees.

Dear Home Depot in Panorama City,

Thank you for outsourcing your Christmas tree supply from Salem, Oregon. And thank you for only charging $24.88 for a 6' Douglas Fir, rather than $60, like that lot in Toluca Lake. You made me really happy today.

Dear Pandora radio,

Dear Day Off from Work,

I love you.


This post was inspired by this post on Taza's rockstar diaries blog. I give credit where it is due.

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  1. i like this. glad you found a free that was not-so-expensive.

    also....i heard my favorite christmas station on pandora. it's called "baby it's cold outside" and it's got the feel of christmas music w/o actually being christmas music (since you know how much i love christmas music).


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