Lessons learned in LA [part 3]


11. Don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful that we have a washer and dryer in our apartment. I can't imagine dealing with a laundromat around here. But have you used a stackable set? One load is literally probably a third of the size of what I was used to. That is code for laundry all day, every day.

12. People at work are absolutely shocked that I didn't know how to pump gas until I moved here. They think I am a crazy liar. After they ask me "Really?" or "Are you serious?" a minimum of three times, they immediately take me to the nearest person that they know and share the news. They show me off like I am some sort of treasure that they found first, and are anxious to brag about. It never fails. This exact scenario has happened four times.

13. Stovetops and ovens are all gas here--nothing electric, which is all that I have ever used. Plus side, our oven heats up 100x times faster than our oven did in our last apartment. Down side, sometimes things burn faster...
14. Coffee is borderline hard to find here. There is no such thing as a tiny drive-thru coffee place in a parking lot in LA. Starbucks are almost hard to find (almost). Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is much more popular. And having a drive-thru on any coffee place is an absolute rarity. Sad day.

15*. I heard someone describe me at work the other day to someone else, when they didn't know I could hear them. Nothing in depth, or mean... Person A was just describing me to Person B so Person B could go and find me. Person A described me by saying, "She is the Caucasian female." Yep. That is me. THE Caucasian female. More accurately, THE Caucasian.

*Let me just say, that this is perfectly fine with me. I really didn't even notice this fact until I was described this way. It is just very different for me to be the absolute minority out of 70+ employees. But I am enjoying this new perspective of life :)And I found it really funny that I was described this way, and that Person B was able to instantly find me.

...And that I was described as "Caucasian female" and not "white girl." Person A also went on and said "She has blondish hair" when my hair is dark brown. Person A may just have a poor memory, but I am pretty sure that I was stereotyped as a token blonde white girl. THAT is awesome.

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