Lessons learned in LA [part 1]

I have these lists posted on my Facebook, but due to a surprising amount of response I got out of them, I think I should post them here as well ...in case you aren't (gasp!) my Facebook friend.

I am going to post them in phases, just as I originally posted them. Because, well, I don't want this to come across as overkill. 5 at a time is plenty :)

The first 5...

1. I thought I had a pretty decent internal compass before I moved here. I somehow lost it when I arrived, and I can't tell you which way the beach is, or which way North is... ugh.

2. I already almost got in an accident on Hwy 101. I guess I've been inducted to the LA Freeway driving society now, right?

3. One reason why our apartment rocks: There is an intercom system. I feel so legit, I can decide if I want to buzz people in. Because, you know, I already have a million friends here, and they all want to visit...

4. Another reason why our apartment rocks: Walk-in closet. I am going to blog about it. That is how much I love it.

5. The other day I practically brushed shoulders with Carson Daly. How weird is that? He banks at Wells Fargo, just so you all know. He was headed for the ATM. I so wanted to peek over his shoulder and look at his account balance--but I resisted.

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