Orange Berlin, here I come

It's official! I have convinced myself (and yes, Lauren, you influenced me as well) that I will indeedy be going with Bridgitte at Orange Berlin in West LA for my first haircut here in the city.

I booked my appointment through Lifebooker. The whole process was smooth, and oh-so convenient to do online, without dealing with a salon's phone. ...Do salon phones bother anyone else? I feel like even if you call during business hours that they ring forever, and if you're lucky enough to get an answering machine, good luck hearing from them at the earliest two days from now.

Anyway. Lifebooker asks for your credit card number, not to charge you for the booked service, but to charge you in case you don't show up, or cancel outside the salon's policy (most salons
require 24 hours notice, but the policy for your specific locale is clearly stated before you click "Book!"). Otherwise, your card won't be charged a dime.

This Lifebooker concept really has me intrigued. It is a brilliant idea. Win-win for consumer and vendor alike. Discounts for me... Clients for them... Convenience for me...Money pumping in from flakey potential clients for them...

My appointment is next Tuesday morning. I will most definitely be blogging about my experience. And--fingers crossed--have a good enough experience to post pictures of the outcome.

I am nervous and excited. Now I have to find some pictures of what I want... And before that, DECIDE what I want.

I am bouncing back and forth between growing it out as fast as possible (my hair is actually getting pretty long already)... like option A.

{ A. Vanessa Hudgens }
What I like: I can do more with it when it's long, and I can wear it wavy (read: little to no effort)
What I dislike: My hair is about this length right now, and the longest layers sometimes look and feel stringy (like in this picture) which can tend to drive me crazy.
What I can't decide if I like or dislike: Bangs... Straight across, side swept, or grow them out?

Or, to chop the longer layers to a more medium-length. I am not as stoked on this style idea, but I am trying to phase into lighter brown shades and eventually back to my naturally dirty blonde haircolor. So chopping it off will help that process. I know that I am hyper-neurotic about hair damage, but I am not crazy with how my hair is handling all this dying business. So there is that. Like option B.

{ B. Rachel McAdams }

What I like: The volume of the not quite curly, but not quite straight. I could do that.
What I dislike: The long layers. I would need to have some shorter layers with how outrageously thick my hair is.
What I can't decide if I like or dislike: Will going shorter make me look like I'm a grown up with a real job... or like I did in 6th grade? And again... bangs or no?

My fringe debate...
{ Demi Lovato }
Bang-option in question.

{ Random bride model, I guess... }
No-bang-option in question.

To further keep my mind racing (yes, I really stress about this unimportant kind of thing...) There is always option C. None of the above.

i.e. Some uber trendy LA cut that I have not yet identified (and I always have my eyes peeled for this type of thing), or that Bridgette, my future-stylist, may suggest. This is obviously a huge gamble--I either adore it, or despise it.



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  1. Good luck with the hairstyle choices! Show me...aa


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