Lessons learned in LA [part 4]


16. I have realized that I have to water my plants with filtered water for them to survive. After a month of dedicated watering, I finally figured out why they were getting browner and browner. And I don't have complex plants. Two shutes of bamboo in vases with only water, and a potted plant that is for "low light and low water." Easy peasy. Except for when your water is practically radioactive. My bamboo has successfully rehabilitated, but I am a little worried that my once-adorable potted plant is a gonner. (Sorry Linds...)
17. Sales tax is super annoying.

18. Everyone's car is clean here. As if I don't feel inadequate enough driving a 1996 Ford Contour, let's top it off with it being filthy. It was fine in Oregon. It rained too much to make a carwash hardly worth it--especially at the end of November. Here, however, I am the poor, dirty kid. ...I really need to get on that.

19. My all time favorite Christmastime Starbucks beverage -- White Chocolate Gingerbread Mocha, which I count down the days for (literally) -- is hardly enjoyable here. This cup of liquid Christmas-wintery-deliciousness just isn't the same in 80 degree sunshine with palm trees everywhere. It is a little sad, actually.
20. I love that I can actually dress up here. Like if I look nice for work, no one questions me or my motives. They expect it. It is so much fun, and I can get away with crazier stuff! Although, my temptation to buy more clothes is oh-so-much-more prevalent now... sigh.

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