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21. Really, Hollywood? You are the only city that has TWO DMV's, that of which neither are full functioning? Really? I have to go to this one for vehicle registration, and that one for obtaining a driver's license? And they are a 5 minute drive apart? Couldn't you just have saved time, money, and land mass and been in ONE FREAKING PLACE? And really, California DMV website? Why don't you inform people of this fact? Even better, you brag about a "Make an Appointment" function, in which you misled me by scheduling me an appointment for a Driver's License at the Registration place. Real cool, website. Real cool.

22. When it's windy here, watch out. Trees fall over. It is noon, and I have already heard of 3 falling into roadways near me on the news. Good thing we park in a garage! But even beyond that, while driving, you get pelted with shards of palm tree crap. That stuff is huge, and hard, and scratchy. Every time it hit my car today, it scared me half to death.

23. Panorama City's Home Depot sources their Christmas trees from Salem, Oregon. That is rad. :] I'm sorry if that is the 15th time you heard that, I am just really excited about it. That made my Christmas!

24. So we got a GPS... and I am learning that it can't be fully trusted. Nor can it pronounce half of the street or freeway names around here. (Son Tomon Eeka? Oh... Santa Monica)

25. No one recycles here. It is sad. I still can't figure out where you take pop cans to recycle. There are no nifty machines outside every grocery store. But I still see bums with huge garbage sacks full of them... so we must be able to take them SOMEWHERE. The other day, Matt was asked "Paper or plastic?" at the store. He replied "Paper, please." The clerk looked at Matt like he was absolutely retarded and said "You knoooowww they don't have handles, right?"

More blog posts to come, I promise. I have hair news to share, as promised! (Hint: it's good news. Phew!)

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  1. oh man. that lack of a quality recycling programs must be killing you "miss i learned my recyclable #'s at the same time i learned my abc's". you're cute.

    apparently california is responsible for all the global warming with their anti-recycling habits. what a bunch of jerks.

    glad you posted something again....i miss you when you have draughts. can't wait to see your hair!

    oh and p.s. you should just write blog posts when you have free time and stock pile them. i do that a lot and then just schedule them to publish throughout the week. do it!


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