I want a shoe closet upgrade

[Meaning the contents of course. I like my closet just fine.]

I am noticing that suddenly my shoes are looking worn out, or just plain lame. Not all of them, but my collection needs a little boost. 

I am primarily on the hunt for cute work shoes that won't make me want to kill myself after standing on cement for 8 hours (yes, cement). 

Top priorities:
- Brown heels
- Nude heels
- Variety of cute flats

What does your closet need?


  1. I want some new street shoes that go with everything, some new black kitten heels for going out this spring/summer, and some new athletic shoes.

    I've had the same pair of New Balances since (wait for it) freshman year of high school. That probably sounds gross but I didn't wear them outside of the 2 required Phys Ed classes we had to take, so they aren't beat up or smelly. They are just so ugly and out of style!

    "Let's get some shoes!"

  2. i want nude round toe pumps in a bad way but craig thinks they look granny-ish. they have cute ones at target...just fyi :).

  3. Craig just hates the color nude, huh?? Sad. I haven't asked Matt what he thinks... I think I am afraid he will hate them, and I love them so much, I just don't want to know what he thinks. haha The nude heels are what I want most, and then a darker brown heel or wedge.


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