Trend Alert

This one is two-fold.

#1 - Cuffed shorts

#2 - Black tights under them with tennies or ankle boots.

{ Umm... these photos involve an embarrassing but funny story... This was at Disneyland on my husband's birthday. And I--being the dork that I am--got really excited when I saw these girls waiting in line to get into the park. I was whispering to Matt about how I wanted to blog about these girls' outfits and how they were so Harajuku. So Matt tells me to just take a picture. I am a wimp, and (rightly so) feel like a creepy stalker. But I gave in, all for the sake of blogging. Ha! I also kept seeing them again throughout the day and kept trying to get a better shot. And no--they never noticed, and I hope they never stumble upon this here humble blog! }


  1. i like the look of tights under jean shorts, but i'm pretty sure it could never be pulled off properly here in portland. you should try this and then post about it. you could totally work it.


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