my dream home

Last week I made a new friend here in LA, Kelly (yay!). Kelly has been house sitting at a home in the Los Angeles area. We decided to go hang out here to make dinner (homemade pizza with Trader Joe's ingredients... delicious), drink wine, and hot tub. It was divine. But this was all after I picked my jaw up off of the floor from taking in the absolutely impeccable interior design of this house. This place was my dream home. I could move in today and not want to change a thing--except maybe swap out their family photos for mine.

I won't try and put the perfection into words. Let your own jaw drop too. (Be prepared for a ton of pictures.)

Living room:

  {This was my favorite space. I couldn't stop staring or talking about it!}
 Dining room/attached to Living Room:

{One of my other favorite spots in the house}
 {Umm... how many favorites am I allowed?}
 {Amazing storage--I love old houses}

 {Another favorite--I love this little niche!}
{I've never seen this done before as a counter top, and I totally love it}
 {Wainscoting abounds in this house, and I LOVE it. 
I especially love the no-fear color choices}
 {It's hard to see, I know, but check out the fabric covered headboard. 
I love the shape, and the olive tweed!}
 {So serene and homey feeling}

 {Colorful, whimsical, retro, and beautiful. I love it.}
Kid's bedroom:

 {Big, bold, floor to ceiling statement curtains were a common theme in the house.}

This wasn't even everything. It was dark outside, so you are missing out on the back porch (picture low benches with a slew of colorfully printed, mismatched shape and sizes throw pillows, vintage lanterns, and zen succulents), the back yard (a huge old mirror hanging on the fence above a sofa, raised stone fire pit, hot tub, umbrella covered picnic table), the guest house (still being decorated, but comparably adorable as the main mouse), and the exterior (Mexican style stucco painted chocolate brown, a front gate, a front lawn enclosed in manicured 15 foot tall bushes, and an adorable bungalow-esque overhang with pillars around the front door).

So do you understand my love affair?

What does your dream home look like?


  1. Of course I had to leave early on this day! Looks amazing!!! and Yay for a new friend named Kelly! We love you Kelly :)

  2. Lovely home. Some of your favorites surprised me! I really liked the 50's, 60's vibe. aa


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