not for my man, but maybe for yours?

My brother, of all people, sent me the link to this men's wedding band.

He is not into wedding planning, nor does he have immediate plans for having a wedding soon... but his friend sent it to him, and this is the one wedding detail that he will be putting his foot down about. That is hilarious to me, but besides the point :]

My husband obviously already has his ring (which is awesome, by the way), and this one really doesn't fit his personality anyway. But I have a feeling that this may float a lot of men's boats out there.

Does your man like tinkering with cars? Does he like taking things apart? Does he fix things?

He will most likely think this gear ring by Kinekt Design is pretty cool. I'd say it's pretty dang cool, as well.
{ Kinekt Design }
I love the uniqueness, and the design is pretty much flat out rad. Plus, it's made of stainless steel (which your manly man will love).

Check out the video for the full effect.

{For some reason, the video is slightly off-center in the frame. If you are annoyed by this, watch the link on YouTube. My tech-savvy skills aren't enough to figure this one out. Apologies.}

Did you watch it? Yeah. I know, right?

Oh, and did I mention the price tag? It's a jaw dropping $165. And it gets better still... free shipping worldwide AND a lifetime warranty. WHAT?! 

Hurry up and buy this thing before Kinekt realizes that they are being robbed.

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