trying it on: Trend Alert

In a challenge (or gentle suggestion?) by Lauren from the little things we do... I was asked to wear the trend described in this post

She lives in Portland, and said that the tights-under-shorts look didn't seem very practical (or maybe a better word is "accepted") to wear there. Which it probably isn't. That is one plus that LA has... You can kind of get away with wearing whatever the heck you want*.

So what do you think? And try not to be mean, because I pretty much love this outfit :]

*I mean that in a dressing up kind of way... in Salem, you could get away with wearing pajamas and nappy sweats, and that is not so norm here...


  1. yay! glad you took my "challenge" :).

    you look super cute. i think if i were to do the tights under shorts look i'd probably choose shorts that were a lighter wash and a bit distressed...about the same length as your shorts, but cuffed. i think i'd also do a bootie with a little heel because i always feel like my legs look dumpy with flats and shorts...oooh...or even taller slouchy flat boots maybe. can you tell i've been dreaming of wearing tights under shorts for quite some time now? alas....i don't live in california where i can pull this off :(.

    love you claire and you look lovely :).

  2. That outfit sounds way cute! These shorts are cuffed, but you can't tell very well in this picture... and good ideas about other shoes to wear with it. I will try those out :)

  3. cute! you look fantastic! I would maybe try lighter wash jeans. good way to color block and keep the continuity of the outfit. but well done, indeed! I definitely wrote this trend off and you made me rethink it!


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