mr. & mrs. domogalla

Remember these hotties?

They are now mr. & mrs. (and actually have been for almost 8 months now)!

I had the honor of attending their beautiful wedding, and here are some of my favorite photos from their big day.

 { Sidenote: This was dress was in my top runnings for when I chose my own wedding gown. I LOVE this dress. And Julia ROCKED it. }

{ Stunning, no? }

 { The tah-dah moment! ...And a better look at her dress. }

{ I was also coveting her headpiece and veil. Absolutely stunning. }

 { Great details on along the aisle. }

 { One of my favorite moments during the ceremony. So precious :] }

 { These two were absolutely exploding with joy. You could feel their excitement and tell they were having a blast--and isn't that what this is all about? }

 { All the details that I LOVED. I wish I knew what the heck happened to the pictures I took, because there were many more!  }

  { Loved how they set up the bridal party table in the center of the reception. Still in plain sight, because everyone wants to watch every move of the bride a groom-- yet not awkardly at the front like they're on a stage. I think this was a great way to be set enough apart, yet intimately integrated into the soiree! }

 { The canopy of trees made the outdoor setting almost feel indoors. It was gorgeous. }

{ Adorable send off! }


Hope that made your Friday a happy one!

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