the joys of finding a deal.

Don't you just love having "a find?" A cheapie surprise never fails to fill my heart with joy. :] Especially when you find out it's on sale at the register. Just sayin'.

So this was my amazing find today. These were at Old Navy, and were returned (unworn) from OldNavy.com. Since this is an online exclusive item, they discount it to get it out of the store, and give you an extra 50% off so you can't return it, and it won't end up in the store again. So these shoes were marked $2.99 and with the extra 50% off, they were $1.49 each. I KNOW, RIGHT?

So I paid $3.24 for two pairs of shoes.

Holla. And happy Friday to me!

I know they aren't exactly what I was longing for in my shoe closet post, but a deal is a deal, is a deal. So I don't know about you, but I will always find room in my shoe closet for a cute pair of $1.24 shoes. 

Even if they turn out to be the most uncomfortable shoes, ever. 

Worth it.

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