designer of the month :: The Monument of Our Hearts by Brett Clouser

Who :: The Monument of Our Hearts (TMOOH) founded by Brett Clouser

From :: Los Angeles, CA via Salem, OR

Why I love :: I don't have just one reason for this one...
1) I love what the company stands for--promoting healthy body images for both men and women--and I am looking forward to seeing where they go with their unique stance as a fashion company.
2) All of their products are made and treated in the USA.
3) Brett started designing t-shirts one at a time, using stencils and handpainting methods. My husband and I have a couple of originals, so I can't help but promote his efforts, now that he has an online store and has actually created multiples of a few of his designs.
4) Oh yeah, did I mention that my husband and I are friends with Brett? He's a good guy :]

Favorite piece of the moment :: This is modeled on a man, but it's a uni. I would wear it with black skinny jeans, heels, Ray Bans, and a slouchy cardigan. Bonus, my husband and I could share it!

{ Upside Down Heart V Neck unisex tee as seen here }

Where to go (clickable) :: TMOOH website, TMOOH store website, and blog
Where to go (brick and mortar) ::  TMOOH is currently carried at EXIT Real World at 505 Chemeketa St. NE, in Salem, Oregon. The shirt seen above is also available on Exit Real World's website

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  1. yay for posting again!

    i love brett's shirts. so cool. i bet the one he wore on survivor is super popular :).


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